IT - Executive Search

At MirIT we analyze huge amount of data to find the best IT - candidates. We search in our giant database, networking, publish openings, use references etc. At a standart pre - screening stage our pool is about 100 candidates per position, then after selection it goes to 50 and only up to 5 best suited applicants will be presented to the clients' consideration.

Teams' Onboarding

Need to hire entire team of developers, testers, analysts at once? MirIT will be at your service. We help crews of up to ten members and clients to meet each other. We will make sure all team members traverse the interview process at the same time and start the same day if hired. Teams can be extended with extra recruitment if needed.

Remote employment

Turning to remote/agile workplaces instead of the traditional office space? It’s no wonder why — individuals who work remotely are more productive and seemingly happier. We will help you to build effective motivated team of remoted employees - confederates. Remote employment will widen the range of candidates you may choose and reduce administrative and salary costs of your business.

Relocation Projects

Need to reduce the cost with the same tech quality? Developers from Ukraine and CIS would be the best choice. Use our relocation service and we will find excellent candidates willing to relocate to your country and assist with their relocation. Save costs, grow and succeed with MirIT assiatance.

Loyality Programs & Free Services:

pic_1By forming sustainable relationships built on loyalty, knowledge and reliability we are ready to provide recruitment services of substance and value. Our recruiters are willing to go the extra mile on your behalf and ready to consult you on main recruitment and HR topics TOTALLY FREE.