Time Saved

In Business Time is Money, In Life - the most valuable and limited resource. Placing right candidates in a really short time gives you an advantage to reach your targets faster and in more efficient way. You focus on your main business goals and get the staff you need to succeed when you need it.

Money Saved

According to CIPD, hiring the wrong person could cost your company on average from £8,200 to £12,00 a year for more senior positions.

To reduce the risks we have a transparent recruitment process which allows us to:
- Reach the best candidates in a short time;
- Explore their motivational drivers;
- Check references;
- Find out if the candidate fits the culture.

Understanding your needs, cultural particularities, particular project details and your expectations from the next hire, we help you to avoid the most typical money-wasting aspects:
- Time and effort hiring the wrong person (talent attraction, interviews, candidate engagements)
- Time and effort spent recruiting a replacement\Time and effort spent working so hard to ensure that the bad hire fits in and works out

Which means that productivity will suffer due to the amount of time spent on training and getting the employee up to standard.

Hiring the suitable and motivated candidates in time will enhance efficiency of your business.

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